Brøndbyvester School's Grey Backyard

Space for rainwater, ball games and teaching

In the “gray” schoolyard kids can skate, play ball, jump in puddles or sit in the amphitheater and chat with each other.

When it rains, the schoolyard changes character and the rainwater from the roofs runs in the open orange gutters to the the orange basin. The gray asphalt in the yard provides space for a wide range of physical activities.

The schoolyard was established in January 2012.

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Quick Facts

Address: Krogagervej 34, 2605 Brøndby
Elements: Amphitheater (pool), puddle, open gutters, permeable surfaces and fascines
Decoupling: Partial decoupling for 2 years of rain with overflow to sewer
Dimension: 3000 m2 roof area for 78 m3 for amphitheater, puddle and fascines
Project partners: HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, BIOFOS – Greater Copenhagen Wastewater, Brøndby Municipality, Orbicon, Wicotec and landscape architects Thing og Wainø

Reasoning behind the project

The aim of the project is to relieve the sewer system by managing the rainwater locally and infiltrate and evaporate some of it. At the same time, the schoolyard has been renovated with rainwater as a central recreational aspect in the design.

Climate Adaptation

When it rains, rainwater from the surrounding roofs runs towards the orange basin. On one part of the schoolyard, water runs over permeable asfalt, which collects the rain water and discharges it into an underground soakaway (dry well). On the other side of the schoolyard, water runs through open gutters into the orange basin. In dry periods, the water can evaporate completely.

Plan A and Plan B

Plan A – Water is hold back or/and infiltrated.

Plan B – coupled solutions:

In the event of heavy rainfall, the water can accumulate in the basins, where it will be kept for a short while. The water then discharges into 2 large undergorung soakaways (dry wells), where infiltrates into the soil. In the event of extreme cloudbursts, which fill the soakaway to maximum capacity, an overflow discharges water into the sewer.

Project Partners

The project was a collaboration between HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, Brøndby Municipality, BIOFOS – Greater Copenhagen Wastewater, Orbicon, Wicotec, and the landscape arcitecture firm Thing og Wainø.


Project Location

Nearby projects

There are two more climate adaptation projects in close proximity – Brøndbyvester School’s “Green” backyard and the After School Club’s rain garden.

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