Brøndbyvester After-School-Club's Yard

Room for play, learning and rainwater

For most of the year the yard serves as a small skate park. A small space behind the building, called ‘ the rainforest’ can be used for a rest in the grass. When it rains, rain gardens and lawn covered open basins change character amd kids can play with and around the water.

The yeard was established in June 2013.

Quick Facts

Address: Bredager 162, 2605 Brøndby
Elements: Rain beds, lawn covered open basins, open gutters and football pitch
Decoupling: 100% local rainwater handling for up to 5-years-events
Dimension: 2070 m2 drained surfaces, 53m3 capacity in rain beds and lawn covered open basins and plains
Project partners: HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, BIOFOS – Greater Copenhagen Wastewater, Brøndby Municipality, MOE and OK Nygaard.

Visible rain water

Rainwater from the rooftops facing the yars, as well as all sealed outdoor areas discharges into the central rain garden, open lawn covered basins and plains. Rain gutters were disconnected from the sewer. Water runs in open gutters towards the rain garden or grass plains, where it can infiltrate into the soil or evaporate.

Teh projects design has an emphasis on keeping rain water on the surface in order to make it visible for the kids.

Grey, blue and green elements

A range of different materials were used in this project: Gutters are made of concrete, the courtyard is covered in robust asphalt, plains and open basins are covered in lawn and the rain garden hosts a great variety of plants. Some of the gutters were painted with red paint in order to highlight their function.

The two central rain gardens in the courtyard are designed as small “rainforests”, with dense bushes of birch trees, dogwood bushes, grasses and stepping stones, whic invite the children to explore the space in both dry and rainy weather. The plant selection is robust and the plants can withstand daily use and changing weather conditions. To minimize maintenance, the rain beds are filled with gravel, which acts as a weed inhibitor.

Cloudburst Protection

The individual small lawn covered basins and the rain gardens are designed for normal amounts of rain. In case of heavy rain, the adjacent football pitch serves as an overflow structure for the green elements.

Project Partners

The project is a result of a cooperation between HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, Brøndby Municipality, BIOFOS – Greater Copenhagen Wastewater, MOE and OK Nygaard. Plants were supplied by Overdam Planteskole.


Project Location

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