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You are welcome to contact DNNK directly if you have specific inquiries about our portfolio of climate adaptation solutions.

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If you’re seeking inspiration from a wider range of Danish green solutions we recommend contacting State of Green – our one point entry for international delegations. Don’t forget to state your interest in climate adaptation solutions.

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Go on a self-guided tour

DNNK and its partners have created a digital tours platform.
Just scan the QR-codes found at the locations shown on the map below and learn more about the related climate adaptation project.

The platform is under development. Give us a hint If you have seen great solutions that should be included.


The map below displays an overview of all available tour sites.

Stadionhal 1

  2605 Brøndby (Denmark)

Ved Lindenlund

  2605 Brøndby (Denmark)

Skovmose og Våd Eng

  2665 Vallensbæk Strand (Danmark)


  2600 Glostrup (Denmark)

Regnvandsbede i Valby


  2605 Brøndbyvester (Denmark)

Lindevang Vej

  2660 Brøndby (Denmark)

Lindevang Haver

  2660 Brøndby (Denmark)

Kulturhus Kilden

  2605 Brøndby (Denmark)

Klimaparkeringsplads Tornehøj

  2605 Brøndby (Denmark)

Kirkebjerg Boligselskab

  2605 Brøndby (Denmark)

Brøndbyvesterskolens SFO Gård

  2605 Brøndby (Danmark)

Brøndbyvester Skole Grå Gård

  2605 Brøndby (Danmark)

Brøndbyvester Skole Grøn Gård

  2605 Brøndby (Danmark)

Boligområde Baunebakken

  Hvidovre (Denmark)

Bassin i Brøndbyvej

  Brøndby (Denmark)


  Rødovre (Denmark)

Langelands Plads

  Copenhagen (Denmark)

Gladsaxe Sports Center

  Søborg (Denmark)

Tåsinge Plads

  Copenhagen (Denmark)