Skovmose Wetlands

Space for rainwater and walks in nature

Vallensbæk has two new wetlands: “Skovmosen” and “Den Våde Eng”. Here you can go for a walk, walk your dog or take a break on a bench. At the same time, the two areas are a major flood protection measure for the area.

The project was completed in 2014.

Quick Facts

Address: Vejlegårdsvej 81, 2665 Vallensbæk Strand
Project area: Approx. 40 ha
Usable volume: Approx. 7,000 m3
Rainwater managment: complete discharge of 6,145 m2 roof area and 8,300 m2 sealed surfaces.
Project partners: HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, Vallensbæk Municipality, MOE A/S.

Climate challenges

Climate change means in Greater Copenhagen that the area will receive more overall rain and experience more cloudbursts. Therefore, we must equip ourselves with solutions that reduce the pressure on the sewers when it rains.

The neighbors have already acknowledged the value of the newly established wetlands as they have previously had problems with flooding in basements and in ground level rooms. Now all rainwater from the area is safely discharged into the new wetlands, instead of the local combined sewer system.

An overview

“Skovmosen” is a wetland area with a meandering river that can turn into a lake when it rains a lot. The area can handle up to 7000 m3 of water. This reduces the pressure on the sewers in Vallensbæk Municipality in the event of heavy rain or cloudbursts. Walkways and paths ensure that you can experience the area by foot at all water levels.

In the coming years, more trees will grow up and make the area even greener.

The wetlands

Along Vejlegårdsvej in Vallensbæk, between Idræts Allé and Møllestensager, lies the newly established wetland. On the first look, it simply appears as a green area where Vallensbæk’s residents can go for a walk. However, the wetlans is designed to help against damage caused by storm water.

In the meadow, two open basins can capture the rainwater, which then slowly infiltrates or evaporates. The two basins are connected by an open trench. When one basin is filled, the water flows to the next one. If the rain falls in such large amounts that both depressions are filled, the water can run under Vejlegårdsvej into Skovmosen. The soil dug out from the two basins was used to make a mound where you can sit on a bench and look out over the wetlands.


Projekt partners: HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, Vallensbæk Municipality og MOE A/S.


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