The redesign of Lørenskogvej has created a lush and attractive street. Grey surfaces were replaced with green elements, which protect it from flooding and add recreational value.

Quick Facts

• 4 meter wide continuous green trench
• width of asphalt reduced by 2 meters

Redesign of a neighborhood access road

Lørenskogvej now has a 4 meter wide continuous green trench, which serves as a storm water collection element, along the western side of the road.
The purpose of the trench is to store, clean, evaporate and infiltrate the water coming from the road.
To ensure lower speeds, the road is narrowed from 7.5m to 5.5m.Greened speed barriers have been established as well in order to slow down the speed
of passing cars, and at the same time act as another green surface that absorbs rain water.

Less rain water in the combined sewer

The green storm water elements on the surface keep a large part of the road water away from the sewer network.
This achieves a more efficient rainwater management in the area, which has a combined sewer system, meaning that both rain- and household wastewater are treated in the same system.
The system has a limited capacity and the increasing amount of rain water in the areas threatened capacity overruns, which could have caused flooding.

Less concrete - more green

The sidewalk on the west side of the road has been closed to make room for the green trench.
The eastern sidewalk and the rest of the road, are laid out with a one-sided slope towards the trench, which
designed to be able to also receive up to 30% of the roof water from the adjacent homes.
Under the rainwater bed, drains have been established that can divert rainwater when the bed is filled up.
This ensures that no water or soil is led out onto the road in the event of an overflow from the bed.


New de-icing agent protects groundwater

Lørenskogvej protects the groundwater as the municipality chose to use a road de-icing agent that is not based on traditional salt (NaCl).
Instead, CMA (CalciumMagnesiumAcetate) is used, which is an organic de-icing agent and therefore more groundwater friendly.


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