Gladsaxe Sports Center


Large complexes like Gladsaxe Sports Center seal large surfaces. This causes a lack of natural infiltration and retention of rain water. This can cause dangerous situations,
such as for instance flooding of low lying areas. Gladsaxe Sports Center covers a very large area and is located on top of a hill. It was therefore chosen to be climate adapted.

Quick Facts

€ 4 M in savings , as hydraulic and recreational elements were built together, in the same construction project.

Protection & Recreation

Retention space, space where storm water is held back during heavy cloudbursts, is cheapest, if it is built in the form of open basins.
These basins usually take up much surface space. Planners in this project therefore integrated recreational elements within basins.
The result are pitches, fields and playgrounds, which hold back water when heavy rain hits the area.

Cloudburst Protection

The Sports Center is located on a hill. Rain falling here, may cause problems when it flows downhill.
The newly created cluster of pools, ponds and canals collects excess rainwater, and keeps it from running downhill too fast,
where it could cause flooding or cause an overflow of the area’s combined sewer system.

Cost Efficiency

Above ground construction is in the vast majority of cases cheaper than the construction of underground structures, such as for instance tunnels.
The sports center was part of a project called “VandPlus” (en. “Water Plus”), which investigated the potential for savings when hydraulic elements, in this case basins,
simultaneously serve the base for recreational facilities. The results were positive, as this combined project was approx. 20% cheaper than separate projects.

Project Partners

Gladsaxe Sports Center was a joint project of Gladsaxe Municipality and the regional water utility company NOVAFOS. It was also one of four projects of the Realdania “VandPlus” project, which investigated the cost efficiency of multi-purpose structure in climate change adaptation.


Project Location