Baunebakken Residential Area

Many small solutions replace one large basin

As a replacement for a rainwater basin, which had to be removed due to the construction of a new railway line, HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, has established green rainwater solutions for a residential area with 220 properties in Hvidovre Municipality.

The climate adaptation solutions were built in 2015.

Quick Facts

Address: Homeowner’s Association Baunebakken, Bredkær 5, 2650 Hvidovre
Elements: Rain gardens, soakaways, wet basin, gutters and lawn plains
Available Volume: 1,390m3
Decoupling: Rainwater from 220 properties now discharges into a separate system
Participating: HOFOR has been the developer, SWECO with GHB Landskabsarkitekter have contributed with consulting services and the executiong contractor was Ebbe Dalsgaard A/S.

The path of the water

The rain gutters have been disconnected from the sewer, and are now led to small rain beds in the pedestrianized areas. At the western end, the water is discharged via drain pipes into to tunnel-shaped soakaways (infiltration), which are located under the parking lots.

En Tunnelfaskine

Multifunctional recreational areas

At the eastern end, the water is discharged via drain pipes to  a playground, which features a small creek. A lowered football field and a newly created pond provide additional space for water.  At the western end, lower laying grasslands function as drainage and retention bassins for water from parking lots.

The planting in rain beds was chosen in three different colors, complimented by three different types of trees, so that the roads get a uniform but unique look.

Overview - The Rainwater Collection System

The diagramme illustrates how the different elements work together

Purple – Small rain gardens collect rainwater from rooftops.

Green & Yellow – Lowered grass areas and tunnel shaped soakaways collect the effluent from the sealed surfaces.

Blue – A large greened basin at the playground secures the area from flooding, in the event of a cloudburst.

Project Partners

This project was realized as a partnership between HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, SWECO, GHB Landscape Architects and the construction firm Ebbe Dalsgaard.

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Ebbe Dalsgaard A/S


Project Location

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