Bassins at Brøndbyvej

Rain water bassins along a new rail line

In connection with the construction of the new Copenhagen-Ringsted high speed railway line, HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, Banedanmark – the Daniash rail network operator and Brøndby Municipality collaborated collaborated on a number of joint climate adaptation initiatives.

The purpose  of these measure is to both to optimize water management from and around the railway, as well as to flood-proof the surrounding areas.

The project was concluded on June 29, 2016

Quick Facts

Address: 151 Brøndbyvej, 2605 Brøndbyvester, Danish Capital Region
Elements: Pre-basin, sand trap, oil separator, delay basin, recreational green elements
Available retention volume: 53,000 m3
Participants: HOFOR, Banedanmark, Brøndby Municipality

Multiple elements work hand in hand

The collaboration has created a new 950m long trench basin; a rainwater sewer and two new rainwater basins in the focus area  of Horsedammen. In addition, two existing concrete rainwater basins have been re-established and turned into one large green basin at Brøndbyvej 151.

A large retention volume protects against heavy rainfalls

The new 25,000m2 basin has increased the system’s capacity from previously 39,000m3 to now 53,000m3. This reduces the risk of flooding in surrounding industrial and residential areas. The basin consists of a pre basin and a main basin. The pre basin basin’s technical function is to collect sand and separate oil. The main basin functions as a delay basin, before the water delay basin before the water is led slowly into the Bækrenden tributary.

Natural and recreational value in focus

The main basinis designed to resemble a natural water body with varying planting. There is a footpath that circles the basins and the embankments are covered with lawn and lined with concrete benches, which invite passers-bys to stay for a little while. The concrete benches are placed along the slope and double as a protection against soil movements and prevent the degradation of the slope.

Project Partners

The project is the outcome of a succesful partnership between HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, Banedanmark – theDanish rail network operator and Brøndby Municipality.


Project Location

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